Thursday, March 3, 2016

Collaboration Across Grade Levels

Mrs. Blackington’s second grade class and Mr.Jewett’s fourth grade class have participated in a Book Buddies program all year. Each week the two classes come together to read and participate in class discussions with their respective buddies.

Enter: Chromebook carts. With the acquisition of two Chromebook carts per grade from 2nd grade to 5th, the scope of Book Buddies has broadened exponentially. Last week the two classes came together to collaborate on a Chromebook project. The fourth grade “experts” provided guidance and knowledge to the novice 2nd grade students.

Mrs. Blackington and Mr. Jewett read the book “What I like About Me”. Using Google Drawing as their tool, the students created a Venn Diagram highlighting the differences and similarities between the two buddies. The students talked about their likes and dislikes; the things they have in common and ways in which they differ. The lesson brought the students together and helped them make connections with one another

In addition the second grade students had their first official lesson in Google Drive. With the assistance of their fourth grade buddies they learned how to:
  • Use the keypad as a mouse
  • Navigate to Google Drive
  • Create a Google Document (in this case a Drawing)
  • Share their creation (through Google Drive) with their buddy and teacher
  • Collaborate with their buddy in real time
  • Create a Venn Diagram digitally

The second grade students are vested in learning when they are taught by their fourth grade role models.