Friday, February 10, 2017

New Digital Music Lab at RAMS

This fall, Adams Middle School was able to outfit a brand new state of the art music lab consisting of 15 iMac computers, midi keyboards, microphones, and headsets. Mr. Grina has been bringing groups of excited students to the lab all year and told us a bit more about how students are using the lab.

He explained, "All electronic activities take place through the iMacs (except the occasional extra use of Chromebooks when they need to create documents, for example). For web-based learning activities/games, videos, etc., we use Safari. 

The MIDI keyboards need to go through a software on the computer to work, for which we use GarageBand. We are wrapping up our piano-focus unit where we just worked on keyboard skills, now we are moving on to our first recording project using GarageBand's recording features. Later this year we will also be exploring the use of multi-track recording and combining pre-made and custom loops."