Monday, February 22, 2016

Mrs. Soto's students created review videos using Educreations

One of the challenges with meeting the needs of a diverse group of students is insuring that classroom lessons don't leave anyone behind, in particular when students need extra help, have missed school due to illness, or have trouble with recall over extended periods of time. This is especially important with preparation for assessments that cover a wide range of skill sets and sources of information.

One way that Mrs. Soto's 7th grade classroom has overcome this challenge is with student-created review videos that are made available to others to video. This activity has benefits for all students. First, the creation of the video helps to develop deeper understanding for the student-producers. Second, those who benefit from additional review are able to watch the videos at the best pace for that individual student and pause and continue when necessary. Finally, students who missed certain lessons are able to experience class content at any time and place.