Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Fifth Grade Students Create and Broadcast Daily Weather Shows

Students and staff at Miller School have access to the latest weather information thanks to the Timothy Cornely Weather Station.  In addition, Holliston Cable Access Television, who provided  the broadcasting equipment and Green Screen technology, make  it possible for families and community members to have access as well. Using the data from Miller's weather equipment, Mrs. Carey and Mrs. Forber teach the students how to investigate and report on current weather conditions first hand.   This data is used in the daily broadcasts.  The weather station is truly innovative and supports improved learning and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) concept connections and skills development for students.
The vision Mrs. Carey and Mrs. forber  have for their students is to learn for a lifetime through authentic experiences.  Students learn how to research weather conditions  and they must perform daily tasks to put the weather program together.  They also research weather topics to share with the school and the Holliston community.  After researching their topics, they create videos using an iPad and green screen technology, which are aired on the daily Weather Broadcast.  Researching and broadcasting the weather and creating special interest videos allow students to experience public speaking, collaborate with peers, create videos using green screen technology, demonstrate meteorology knowledge, gain confidence, and provide a service to their school and community.
Advisors:  Mrs. Winnie Carey and Mrs. Rosiland Forber