Friday, April 7, 2017

HHS Classes Incorporate Maker Space Technology

Students in HHS classes are learning to use the new Maker Space to combine academics, technology, and creativity to design and make their own interesting products.

Students in Ms. Chestna's and Ms. Rivera's Foundations of 21st Century Learning class have been learning about the process of 3D design, modeling, and printing using the school's new Maker Space 3D printers. Students learn about basic 3D design using free online software called Tinkercad. Students begin by designing customized key chains with their names on them, and then print their designs in PLA plastic. Later in the course, as a part of their culminating project, students then design, print, and iterate their own inventions.

Similarly, some HHS art classes have been using the Maker Space's vinyl cutter to create real-life products. Students in Graphic Design class use Adobe Illustrator to design one-color vinyl stickers that can be precision cut in the Maker Space. Students in Printmaking class use BoxySVG software to design precision cut silk screen masks, to be able to print posters and high-quality T-shirts.

After class, students can also use the 3D printers and vinyl cutter as a part of their own individual learning projects, both during the DSB period and after school.