Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Mme Picard's students explored Massachusetts with Buncee

Mme. Picard’s students recently used an online presentation tool called Buncee to organize and present information about a Massachusetts city or town. Buncee is similar to Powerpoint, but has animation capability so that objects and text can move around each slide. Students chose a person who lives in Massachusetts (but not Holliston) and wrote that person a letter asking them to share a postcard from his/her city or town. The students then used the website - http://fr.city-usa.net/ to find information about their town (county, area, population, year of origin, famous people from the town and interesting facts) and record it on a Google Drive chart.

Finally, the students used their information to produce the Buncee presentation. Students chose fitting images and added animation to bring their presentation to life.